Monday Nights and The Theatre Centre: Residency and Collaboration
Jun 11

Monday Nights and The Theatre Centre: Residency and Collaboration


In partnership with Luminato, Launchpad presents Monday Nights and The Theatre Centre: Residency and Collaboration.

Based on the ongoing real-life pickup basketball games played for the better part of a decade, Monday Nights is an interactive basketball and theatre experience with the same five men recreating their stories for the stage and exploring how a simple game can help us understand ourselves and connect to our community.

In this engaging workshop, the artists behind Monday Nights and the Creative Producer of The Theatre Centre will discuss the development and creation process of the work as a jumping off point, and go deeper into what it means to constantly adapt, manoeuvre, and change tactics when building a new creative project over a long period of time. 

About Luminato x Launchpad

Luminato x Launchpad is an artistic development program in partnership with Artscape Daniels Launchpad featuring workshops and masterclasses, across a variety of disciplines, led by leading artists in this year’s festival. With sessions ranging from topics like how to integrate digital media into theatre creation, how to develop a creative project over several years and how to best use self-expression in artistic practice, these educational programs highlight the hard work and unique visions of some of our established local artists.

Tickets for each of the classes, talks and workshops can be purchased through Launchpad, with discounts available for existing Launchpad members. Those interested are encouraged to book early as capacity, especially for masterclasses, is limited.

About Luminato 2019

Luminato is Toronto’s international arts festival dedicated to performance, media and visual arts, and programming that cuts across traditional artform boundaries. Luminato works closely with Canadian artists to support the development and creation of distinctive new work as well as presenting today’s most exciting artists from around the world. The 2019 festival will run from June 7 to June 23.


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We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.


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