Animal Flow Animal Flow 

Animal Flow includes a range of movements and combinations that are grouped into categories we call the “Six Components.” Each Component is designed to elicit specific results. The Six Components can be mixed and matched in many ways, allowing you to incorporate one, some, or all of them in your workouts.


Benefits include endurance, strength and mobility. Understanding how to release your muscles and movement to create a more reliance form. This will allow you to incorporate these movements into your various practices.   

The Six Components Include: 

- Wrist Mobilizations
- Activations
- Form Specific Stretches
- Traveling Forms
- Switches & Transitions
- Flows

About the Instructor 

Julian has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Combining his knowledge of fitness with his drive for diving into different modalities such as animal flow, yoga, gymnastics and other training styles to help you get to your goals. Julian believes through exploration, you can achieve not only the body you want but more importantly, begin to understand how your body moves.

What you will need for this class (optional)

- Moveable Clothes
- Towel or Yoga Mat
- Bottle of Water.  

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