Mind Matters
Feb 17

Mind Matters


Sunday School and Artscape Daniels Launchpad present Mind Matters: A Conversation on Identity, Relationships and Mental Wellness in the Black Community.

In light of Black History Month, Sunday School will be bringing the topic of mental health to the forefront with a program designed by Vincentia called Mind Matters. The stigma surrounding mental health continues to be a major concern within the black community and needs to be addressed through open conversation.

Sunday School will be hosting its first Mental Health & Wellness seminar in collaboration with Artscape Daniels Launchpad moderated by Vincentia. The seminar seeks to foster insightful discussions and valuable remedies about topics impacting the black creative community which has been intensified by the social media age.  

Specifically, the seminar will create conversation around topics like:

  • Mental Health Stigma in the Black Community
  • Personal Experiences Concerning Mental Health
  • Social Media’s Impact on Wellness
  • Insightful Reminders & Remedies

About Sunday School

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