Change Agent: Impact Storytelling
Mar 27

Change Agent: Impact Storytelling

Registration Fee: Early - $28.25

Registration Fee: Emerging - $39.55

Registration Fee: Established - $50.85

Registration Fee: Intrapreneur - $67.80



Registration closes at 5:00 PM on March 27th!

Change Agent is a two-part workshop series facilitated by Garrick Ng. You do not need to attend Day 1, to register for Day 2 (Change Agent: Run & Gun).

Register and attend both days and receive a 25% discount off of your next workshop with us!


Whether you're a photographer, filmmaker, podcaster or writer, you are uniquely qualified to move hearts and minds. Increasingly, groups advocating for social change are turning to creative sector professionals to help reshape attitudes and behaviours and reframe conversations around issues that matter. 

Through case studies, applied exercises and personal reflection, this workshop will help you: 

  • Think strategically about how storytelling can be leveraged to make positive change in the world.
  • Approach story research and development systematically to create richer, more authentic and penetrating narratives. 
  • Practice putting together elements of an impact campaign to sharpen your skills for driving positive change through creative storytelling. 

About the Facilitator

With a background in marketing, visual communications and entrepreneurship, Garrick Ng specializes in helping organizations tell compelling narratives through cross-platform media such as video, photography and design. Aside from running his own creative agency, Garrick is an instructor and a mentor in the start-up and social entrepreneurship community. An avid videographer, photographer and world traveler, he has been embedded inside NGP and academic field teams in remote locations such as Sub-Saharan Africa, the Canadian Arctic, and Brazilian Amazon. Hungry to find new ways to leverage storytelling to create a more livable world, Garrick is spearheading a social enterprise dedicated to putting stories that matter in front of audiences who are hungry to see the world in fresh and surprising ways.


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