Get Dirty with tahsin the good
May 21

Get Dirty with tahsin the good



Get Dirty is a new artist-led Launchpad Learning series that offers space for creators to share their craft, explore process, and create collectively.

We're kicking off this workshop series with tahsin the good, whose work is currently on exhibit at Launchpad! "I had to think about what I wanted to put out into the world... When you look at my art, what do you feel compelled to do?" reflects tahsin. Hear her story, her motivations, and the methods behind her work, followed by a hands-on collage project using your own portrait, incorporating positive and encouraging messaging, abstracted forms to serve as a visual reminder of your potential and inner light.


  • Upon registration, please email us a high-resolution black and white photo of yourself (acceptable formats: jpeg, png, pdf). You are encouraged to choose images of yourself that resonate with you and/or images that you feel reflect who you are.
  • Materials will be provided and are included in your registration fee.


Launchpad Learning offers tiered pricing to support creatives of all levels of experience and stage in your creative practice. You are encouraged to select the option that best reflects where you are in your entrepreneurial journey: early, emerging, established, or intrapreneur. Launchpad Members receive a 25% discount off the registration fee! Register now! Space is limited.

About the Artist

tahsin the good is a first generation canadian multidisciplinary artist. her name is arabic and means to enrich, or beautify, so it is fitting she has always been drawn to the arts, finding solace and expression in creating beautiful things. her work is an extension of her innermost thoughts and emotions, with the desire and intent to connect dots. it's a push and pull towards critical thought. on humanity, society, culture, identity, place and our collective states of being. her formal training in design and communications lends to her aesthetic and use of found lens-based imagery, namely contemporary portraiture, collage, typography, illustration, abstraction, language, wordplay and prose. she works in toronto and lives with her family in a suburb north of the city.



We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.


Artscape Daniels Launchpad
East Tower, 130 Queen's Quay East
Toronto, ON M5A 3Y5