The Semi Serious Cereal Series

The Semi Serious Cereal Series 

Galit Ariel will be hosting the ultimate pre-weekend breakfast club – dedicated to the geeks, freaks, artists and technologists that want to poke at art, technology and creativity.

Episode  #9

Applying serious play for social change

Galit will be talking to Garry and Jeff about how to apply play for change. Understanding the neural and social impact of play as a tool for social change, without diluting the seriousness of the issue.

You Will Learn
• Creating space for unpacking serious issues 
• Dealing with Negativity and biases through play
• Experiencing and resolving hard problems through play

Galit Ariel – Creative Creature, TechnoFuturist and Author
Galit @theargirl is a TechnoFuturist and an immersive space explorer, passionate about a future in which technology is integrated into everyday life, but does not control it. Her career spans across different countries, disciplines and industries – from design to user research and ultimately into human-technology interaction. She is a thought-leader in emerging tech, consulting and delivering keynotes and workshops at conferences and organizations such as TED, SXSW, Bell Labs, Accenture, The European Union and many more. As a creative creature, she explores the wild and imaginative side of immersive technologies and their impact on our economy, culture, behaviours and ethical issues related to them. Her goal is to bridge the gap between digital, physical, and mental spaces to create tools and platforms that help people experience these worlds in new ways.,

Special guests 

Jeff Harry shows individuals and companies how to tap into their true selves, to feel their happiest and most fulfilled — all by playing. Jeff has worked with Google, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, the NFL, Amazon, and Facebook, helping their staff to infuse more play into the day-to-day.

Jeff is an international speaker who has presented at conferences such as INBOUND, SXSW, and Australia’s Pausefest, showing audiences how major issues in the workplace can be solved using play. Jeff was selected by BambooHR as one of the Top HR Influencers of 2020 to watch. His play work has been featured on AJ+, SoulPancake, the SF Chronicle, and CNN.

While we spend most of our time pretending to be important, serious grownups, it's when we let go of that facade and just play, that the real magic happens. Fully embracing your own nerdy genius — whatever that is — gives you the power to make a difference and change lives. Jeff believes that we already have many of the answers we seek, and by simply unleashing our inner child, we can find our purpose and, in turn, help to create a better world.

Gary Ware, the Founder of Breakthrough Play is a sought-after Corporate Facilitator and Keynote Speaker with nearly a decade of experience as a performer in improv theatre. He assists teams with unlocking creativity, confidence, and sparks collaboration with experiential methods proven to drive peak performance.

Gary spent over a decade in the corporate world and originally pursued improv to master public speaking. He quickly discovered that combining improv and play could be a powerful solution to achieve various business challenges. Naturally, he created workshops for his team and other executives in his network to deepen relationships and improve creativity. Gary became obsessed on learning how to use play as a transformational tool and as a result, happily transitioned from marketing to pursue facilitation full time.

When Gary isn't leading workshops and keynotes speaking, you can find him learning magic or off an adventure with his wife Courtney and son Garrett.

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