Mindfulness And Sales - 2 - Tools and systems for success

Following the success of Ajani Charles’ Emotional Intelligence For Creatives workshop, Mindfulness And Sales is a course on the intersection of mindfulness and sales, viewing sales as a creative process for helping and inspiring others, introspection, and personal development, while growing a business.

December  2nd - Mindful Sales Process

The sales process involves specific steps and sequences, regardless of one’s product(s) or service(s), and this session will cover the importance and use of mindfulness throughout the sales process.

Learning Outcomes:

-Mindfully using a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system
-How tools such as journaling, affirmations, meditation, and breathwork can be integrated throughout the sales process
-How to mindfully take the customer on a journey to their desired outcome
-The importance of acknowledging and celebrating milestones, lessons, and paradigm shifts throughout the sales process

December 9th  - Tools and systems for success

This session will provide students with specific business and mindfulness tools that increase the probability of success for creatives.

Learning Outcomes:

-Defining success through mindfulness
-Specific business and mindfulness tools and systems that increase the probability of success for creatives, their businesses, partners, and clients throughout the sales process
-How and why specific business tools and systems can be used to cultivate introspection and personal development through mindfulness
-The importance of cultivating accountability, responsibility, and having an internal locus of control through mindfulness practices (during the sales process)

December 16th - Negotiating

This session will provide students with negotiating skills while describing the importance of mindfulness throughout negotiating, and the similarities, differences, and intersections between selling and negotiating.  

Learning Outcomes:

-Defining negotiating
-How sales and negotiating are similar and different, and where they intersect
-The technical, intellectual, and emotional nuances of negotiating and the roles that mindfulness plays throughout negotiating
-Mindfully closing deals that are in the best interests of creatives, their partners, their clients, their communities, humanity, and the earth  

About the Instructor

Ajani Charles is a Toronto-based professional Photographer, Director, Producer, Mental Health Advocate, and Canon Canada Ambassador with a background in fine arts who specializes in creating impactful stories about the human condition, self-actualization, and mental health. Ajani is also a public speaker and a journalist for publications such as Thrive Global -- an American company that provides behavior change technology and media to support individuals struggling with stress and burnout, and he counts among his many and varied commercial clients H&M, Universal Music Group, Bridgestone, Christian Dior, Calm, and the UFC. His work has been featured in publications such as Complex, Jay-Z’s Life + Times, and Vogue, and he has worked with numerous icons and public figures in various capacities, including the likes of Arianna Huffington, Drake, Pharrell Williams, Wu-Tang Clan, Janelle Monáe, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Slash, Kanye West, Akon, Spike Lee, Director X, Dana White, and Commander Chris Hadfield.


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