Compression & Dynamics in MusicWhy do some songs on the radio sound louder and more dynamic than others? The answer is compression, one of the most hotly debated topics in audio. And if you ever wanted to deliver bigger sounding drums, vocals that are more in your face, and a master that is both loud and dynamic, then this class is for you. During this three hour course you will learn how to apply different compression settings and types of compression for different applications—controlling the differences between loud and soft sounds, while also controlling the envelope.

You Will Learn: 
  • Compression Settings (threshold, attack, release) 
  • Compressor types (opto, VCA, FET)
  • Compression Techniques (parallel compression, master buss compression, dynamic control)
  • Gating
  • Envelope shaping with compression
  • An introduction to compression in mastering
About the Instructor:

Mariana Hutten (@mari_hutten) is a producer, mixing, and mastering engineer based in Toronto, Canada. Specialized in genres such as pop, rock, hip hop, and jazz, Hutten has worked in a wide range of projects consisting in recorded music, live recording, and music for video.  Hutten has worked on international projects from Montreal, Banff, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Monaco, among others. In addition to her cosmopolitan experience, Hutten has also worked on projects with producers such as Eddie Kramer, Colin Linden, and Richard King.
Hutten's goals and commitment to expanding women's involvement in the music and audio industry placed her as a mentor for young women in Toronto. As an Executive Member of the Audio Engineer Society Toronto (AES Toronto) and Co-Director of the Toronto SoundGirls Chapter.

General Admission - $50+ tax
Member Admission - $35+tax

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