HOW TO: translate nature into sound

What does it mean to collaborate and make music with nature and its organisms? In this workshop, we’ll learn the basics and important technical concepts in the practice of Bio-sonification, the practice of collaborating with nature to make music using technology.

You Will Learn:

  • Examples of bio-sonification projects. From simple to extreme.

  • Learn at least 3 different methods in approaching bio-sonification projects.

  • Understand key technical terms and concepts that are explained clearly with visuals.

  • Breakdown of how some of the hardware and software works.

  • Get a zine of the lecture along with examples of how to start your own projects using open-source tools (both hardware and software).

About the Speaker:

Ananda Gabo is an interdisciplinary designer who has been exploring science and new media arts for the past ten years. Their professional experiences span from foraging in the woods to working in a robotics factory.
In their youth, they studied classical piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music for almost a decade and then left. From collecting field recordings to learning how to build synthesizers, their goal has been to explore the nuances in the relationships between technology as ritual alongside the sacredness of nature.
Ananda is currently working on releasing an open source 7” record of field recordings for scratching featuring frogs that sound like lasers from a jungle in Panama.

"HOW TO ... " series explore things that intrigue creatives' mind and imagination.  


General Admission: $35 + tax
Member Admission: Free

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