Please note, this is a two-part series: April 27th (Part 1) and April 29th (Part 2) from 1-3 PM. 

Starting with an overview of available 3D printing methods, how they work and the benefits and drawbacks of each, participants will gain the skills and knowledge required to take 3D objects through the slicing process and prepare them for successful printing. In the first session, the discussion will center on the 'how' and 'why' of each process, covering topics such as material selection, modelling strategies and designing within the constraints imposed by different print methods. The second session will delve more deeply into the specific parameters that impact print quality, identify and correct common errors and problematic model features. Various use cases for 3D printing will be discussed and methods, materials and configurations compared. The facilitator will demonstrate, step-by-step, the creation, optimization and setup of a 3D print with ample opportunity for participants to ask questions specific to their practice and level of experience.

4-hour Course Price:
(Member Admission ) $60.00
(General Admission) $80.00

Facilitator: Alex Wimbush
Alex is a multi-disciplinary fabricator, designer and impresario who studied mechanical engineering technology at George Brown, worked for years as a bike mechanic and has designed work holding fixtures for manufacturing, among other things. He likes solving problems, fasteners, the Memphis group, and fantasy art. He is the proud inventor of a noise-making apparatus called the goth box and of a wildly impractical safety light made using corn syrup.

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