Deep Dive - Rhino and Grasshopper for Jewellery Design - Part 1Jewellers! Learn Rhino and Grasshopper software for 3D Printing complex designs.

Please note, it is a two-part series: January 7th (Part 1) and January 14th (Part 2) from 1-3 PM. 

In this design-build workshop, members will learn about how to translate a design idea into a 3D-printed object using advanced modelling tools. This application-driven course focuses on Rhinoceros and Grasshopper as a tool for design exploration and realization. The session will look at the design process for a ring that will have the possibility of being 3D printed with castable wax and suitable for the casting process in the Fine Metals & Jewellery Studio. Members will be walked through the process step by step; establish intentions, create a design framework, and evaluate and execute the process of creating a parametric system to explore design iterations within that framework. The primary objective of this course is to give the participant the knowledge to use their Grasshopper script to explore different design iterations and create a unique ring design of their own.

Participants are encouraged to follow along with the session on their own computer. If necessary, a 90-day trial license for Rhino/Grasshopper can be obtained from:
*ATTENTION! For June and July only this workshop is free!*
4-hour Course Price: 
(Member) $60.00
(Public) $80.00

Facilitator: Phil Fors
Phil's passion for art, design and fabrication emerged at the age of 12 when he started trying to build guitars. His interest in design and fabrication led him to study Architectural Science at Ryerson University, where he graduated in 2018 with a specialization in Building Science. He has since become interested in more advanced technologies such as parametric modelling and CNC machining. Phil has always been focused on innovating the process of how we bring an idea into the built world. His latest obsession is working out how he can use parametric systems to help make realistic 3D digital rendered animations. 

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